This Random Micro-Trend Is Too Big to Ignore

Every once in a while, rather than me having to stalk Instagram, scan through street style images, and check every shopping site under the sun in order to uncover (and validate) a new trend, one will just find me. It’s actually a great feeling having to do a little less work, and as you could have guessed, the aforementioned scenario is very much the case with the topic of today’s post: long leather shorts. In fact, it didn’t just present itself to me—it felt more like I was being stalked (but in a good way).

I first noticed them on the streets in February, then bubbling up on my feed shortly thereafter, and now, it seems like there’s not a single site or brand that doesn’t have at least one pair in its offerings. I know this because I check them all multiple times a day, for work, of course.

Whether it’s a Bermuda cut or something slightly longer (taking it into the culotte category), there’s no denying that this micro-trend is has blown up on a macro level. To see the “proof” for yourself, and, of course, shop my long leather shorts picks for spring, just keep scrolling.

Pairing an all-black look with a pair of statement shoes like this works every time.

Tonal always looks good.

For spring, I’d love to re-create this look with delicate sandals instead of boots.

Much like with all other things, matching sets always make it better.

Leather, leather, and more leather works.

Don’t be afraid of mixing black and brown.

Pair your shorts with a bra top and oversize blazer for an outfit that’s triple on-trend.

Vanessa Hong always gets it right.

Add a sweater and sandals and you can never go wrong.

What I wish I was wearing instead of sweatpants right now.

A black-and-white look done right.

Vests are also very relevant right now.

This feels like the adult version of a first-day-of-school outfit, and I’m into it.

Next, all the loungewear in my cart right now.